About us

Finnis Architects finds the extraordinary potential of any project, no matter the scale. The studio is made up of a young, dynamic team of architects and designers, who are dedicated to producing architecture that is considered and creative, and who also understand the realities of commercial constraints and the planning process. Finnis Architects specialises in a multitude of projects, from residential housing to multi-residential apartment, community housing to single dwellings and commercial. The studio’s constructed work tells the story of a practice that has carved a niche through a commitment to first principles environmental design and social responsibility. This philosophy is expressed through an uncluttered modernism appropriate to each project’s place and specificity. A collaborative approach, both within the studio and with clients and stakeholders, not only means that unexpected solutions are explored throughout the design process, but also that projects run seamlessly. At Finnis, relationships are a priority and the studio is proud of the great results it has attained with its clients.


The working environment is key to the quality of work we produce. We believe in collaboration and new ideas which drive the creative process to the best possible outcome. With a focus on quality, creativity, sustainability, and value for money we have gained a long history and wealth of experience delivering a range of outstanding projects

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Finnis Architects offers a range of architectural and design services to cater toward every step of a project as well as additional key requirements. We use our diverse and experienced team with over 50 year experience to provide world class apartment design, residential homes, environmental design, inspection services, planning applications, developer services, and estates management.

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Our people are our best asset and our qualified team of experts work together to use each and every one of our strengths to create incredible projects. Together, with a combined experience of over 50 years, our friendly and approachable staff work with our clients every step of the way.

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Finnis Architects is an award winning Melbourne architecture firm recognised as a true leader in the field of residential, multi-residential, and community architecture. As well as being regularly profiled in leading architectural journals, Finnis Architects also has received many prestigious design awards. In 2011 Finnis Architects received an A+ rating, the highest honour given to any firm, from the Australian Institute of Architects.

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Our firm is a leader in Australian architecture, as well as having our projects regularly featured in international design publications, we have also provided views and expert opinions to news and design articles.

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