Port Melbourne Residence

Project Overview

The Port Melbourne Residence is a modern redesign which celebrates and responds to the charm of the original design details to cater for the current and future needs of a family in Melbourne’s South.

Originally designed and used as a milk bar, the background of this residence adds to the charm as the site has undergone multiple renovations over its history. The original skeleton and framework were inherited by Finnis Architects and developed by the firm in 1999 as two dwellings. The brief given to Finnis included a desire to create a contemporary floorplan utilising and expanding all internal spaces and catering for the family’s current and future needs.

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Featured Press

2018 Australian Design Review: Embracing the History and Context Of a Former Milk Bar (see article)

2018 The Local Project: Port Melbourne Residence by Finnis Architects (see article)

2018 The Lunch Box Architect: Former Milkbar Now a Light-filled Family Homes Among the Treetops (see article)

2018 IDN world: Finnis Architects- Port Melbourne residence (see article)

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Project Credits

Interior Design: Catherine Francis

Photographer: Les Hams

Builder: Rock City Bulding

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