Finnis Architects is an award-winning Melbourne architectural practice offering a wide range of architectural and design services. Focused on listening and realising our client’s aspirations is paramount to every project’s ultimate success. Combined with our experienced team of architects, and passion for achieving excellence in design, we ensure every project is nurtured and managed in order to achieve the most desired and successful result.

We specialise in quality designed and finished residential/commercial apartments in both medium and high density developments. Furthermore, we offer a complete range of additional related services which utilise our expertise in architecture, environmentally sustainable design, inspection services, planning applications and project management including developer services, and estates management through our secondary company Shelton Finnis.


Finnis Architects has over 50 combined years of expert knowledge which allows an understanding the intricate details when crafting quality apartment developments. Our designs are both award winning and economically sustainable through our continued working relationship with developers and investors to create high returns on investment. Our designs provide the most functional and creative use of space in order to provide luxury amenity at an affordable price. We work with developers, investors, councils, builders and other stakeholders to ensure efficiency in every aspect of all our projects.


Finnis Architects specialises in private homes with having a construction value over $1M. We nurture and guide our clients through all aspects of the project in order to create the best possible outcome. Our expert knowledge from over 50 combined years in residential projects allows us to navigate the complicated processes and give our clients a true sense of creation and fulfillment in achieving their dream. We work hand in hand with our clients including developing the brief, initial designs, concept development, liaising with council for planning approvals, detailed documentation, and monitoring the project throughout the build to ensure exceptional quality. Our designs have won numerous awards and have been featured in leading design publications but above all, have fulfilled the ideals and aspirations of both our clients and ourselves.


Finnis Architects work within the commercial realm of architecture with an array of experience designing commercial retail spaces for street level multi-unit developments, office fit outs all the way to bespoke hospitality design and corporate dealerships. We work with various stakeholders from developers, investors, councils, builders and small businesses to ensure a high-quality product for the specific budget and scale of all projects.


Finnis Architects believes in protecting the environment and using our designs as a way to better enhance both the built and natural environment around them. Every project includes a detailed study into the surrounding area to fully recognise existing site constraints and opportunities and how we can utilize and optimising on these challenges to ensure the best results can be achieved.


Finnis Architects uses its knowledge and experience in the built environment to understand buildings and offers a full inspection service for existing buildings. Whether it is to understand a current home and estimate future costs or expenses or to research a building prior to an extension Finnis can provide an expert analysis of the complete building. We provide a detailed report outlining the health of the building and structure in a non-intrusive manor and can also use this information to streamline the process of a renovation or extension if appropriate.

Town Planning

Finnis Architects understands the requests and information needed for each council with working relationships with most councils in Melbourne. We prepare and lodge planning applications to ensure the process is as smooth as possible and approved in an efficient and timely manner. 

Developer Services

Finnis Architects have a strong history working with developers and understand the unique needs for developers at every stage of the process. Finnis conduct feasibility services for developers at the onset of a project to aid investors achieve optimal yield. We are experts in crafting beautiful and unique apartments which drive sales and boost investment opportunities. We also know that timeliness and efficiency is a key factor in the success of the project and work collaboratively with sales teams and investors to deliver the best and most desirable apartments.

Estates Management

Finnis Architects, along with our partner company Shelton Finnis, provide a comprehensive estates management and approval service ensuring continuity in the designs whilst allowing for flexibility and creativity within the estate. We’ve worked with some of the largest development companies and worked with countless builders to cater to each and every individual property. We can set guidelines, provide the documentation, and laisse with building designers to help create the perfect community feel focused on the estate’s individual look and feel. To find out more about our estates division, visit our partner company Shelton Finnis.

For more information about our partner company Shelton Finnis, please visit the website.